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Yuki Comes Alive After A Severe Tick Infestation

We met Yuki when she arrived with the Mobile Clinic after a trip to Vrygrond. She and her mother were brought into the Clinic so that mom could be spayed. Yuki was the only surviving puppy from her litter and they didn’t want her back. When we laid eyes on her we were horrified. 

This tiny 6-week old puppy was severely infested with parasites both internally and externally. She was suffering with worms, fleas and mange. But the most obvious affliction was the ticks. The infection was so severe that had she not been brought to the TEARS Welfare Clinic, she likely would have died of the resultant anaemia within a day. 

Yuki was immediately given a blood transfusion and treatment began to kill off the parasites. An estimated 400 dead ticks were removed from her ears, toes, and body. The ticks had attached themselves all the way down her ear canal right up to her ear drums occluding her ear canals completely. It is likely that she could hear almost nothing. 

To give her body all of the tools to heal itself, Yuki ate Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Healthy Development with omega-3 and 6 and antioxidants for a healthy immune boost. Her itchy and inflamed skin was treated and she began to make a turn for the better. 

She was a very timid and withdrawn puppy who would run and hide from people, but very quickly she learned that people weren’t so bad after all! She gained confidence and quickly made friends with everyone – people, dogs, cats and even chickens! We loved her bright, energetic and naughty personality.

Unfortunately, 2-weeks after her admission, she fell very ill and was diagnosed with ehrlichiosis, a type of tick bite fever. Due to the extent of the tick burden she had carried, we were not surprised and began treatment immediately. It wasn’t long before she has bounced back. She’s just finished her treatment and she is even more happy, playful and loving than ever! 

Yuki is now approximately 12-weeks old. We are guessing that she is a minPin/Chihuahua cross. She is extremely high energy and intelligent. She is also the world’s best snuggle bug!

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