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We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

This Year, Unlock the Power of Compassion

Meet Gandalf and Freya, two inextinguishable souls discovered during a devastating fire in Seawinds, near Vrygrond in December last year, where over 100 shacks were tragically reduced to ashes. While they miraculously escaped the flames, the disaster marked the end of a miserable and painful existence. Afflicted with advanced cases of both sarcoptic and demodectic mange, their skin resembled a crusty mess of infection. Infested with ticks and fleas and on the brink of starvation, their collective lifestory to that point had been a heartbreaking tale of neglect. Thankfully their rescue marked the end of their suffering and the beginning of a second chance.


Upon arrival at TEARS, they immediately began their journey of rehabilitation and started a medical treatment programme which proved to be their lifeline. Each passing day witnessed the revival of their personalities, accompanied by the gradual regrowth of their fur. Fuelling their healing transformation, Hill's Pet Nutrition ensured Gandalf and Freya received the best nutrition to flourish from the inside out. Although they are still on the path to complete recovery, they are that much closer to being adopted and living their best “second chance” lives with a furever family.

At TEARS Animal Rescue, we believe in the life-changing power of compassion. We invite you to help more vulnerable pets like Gandalf and Freya by being part of something truly special – our Woof & Whiskers Club!

Unleash Your Inner Hero by Joining the Woof & Whiskers Club

The Woof & Whiskers Club is a community of animal lovers dedicated to supporting TEARS' mission of providing veterinary care, free sterilisations and rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming vulnerable pets in need. By joining the club, you become a vital part of our extended family, contributing directly to the well-being of our furry friends.

Donate to Win

The Woof & Whiskers Club is like a thrilling lottery for animal lovers. Your commitment to a monthly donation of R50 during 2024 will go a long way in supporting our cause and, as a member of the Woof & Whiskers Club, you stand a chance to win monthly cash prizes!

Win Monthly Cash Prizes and Let the Animals Win Too

Seven lucky participants take home cash prizes every month, and the best part? The animals always win!

When fully subscribed, monthly payouts are as follows:

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Until fully subscribed, payouts will be a percentage value, ensuring every participant contributes to the cause.

Act Fast – Only 2,000 Membership Tickets Available!

The Woof & Whiskers Club has a limited offer of 2,000 membership tickets, and each ticket costs R50. You can boost your chance of winning by purchasing more than one ticket. Whether you opt for a monthly debit order or prepay for a year's worth of tickets, you're making a significant impact on the lives of animals in need.

Are You Ready to Be a Hero?

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