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Thelma’s Life is Transformed

Thelma and her friend Louise were rescued in late January from Hangberg Township in Hout Bat by Network For Animals and Shaygam Shelter. Once in the care of rescuers, she was immediately transported to the TEARS Veterinary Hospital for emergency veterinary intervention.

Once examined by the TEARS Veterinary Team, it was found that Thelma had a severe case of sarcoptic mange, advanced ear infections, was underweight (14kgs), infested with fleas and ticks and had been used as a puppy factory – having litter after litter of puppies. She was also suffering from erhlichia (a life threatening tick-borne disease) and was in dire need of veterinary treatment.

Thelma was immediately put on a course of antibiotics to fight the erhlichia in order to save her life. For her terrible ear infections, she had daily ear ointment.

For her severe sarcoptic manage, Thelma enjoyed bi-weekly baths in medicated shampoo to soothe her skin. Thelma enjoyed a diet of Hill’s Derm Defense to boost her recovery and helped ensure her fur grew back full and luxurious.

After 6-weeks of this regime, Thelma looked like a completely different dog and totally unrecognisable. She has flourished at TEARS and her whole demeanor has changed too – from a coy, bashful girl to a friendly, outgoing and loveable lass!

Thelma is great with other dogs, loves people and it’s high time this deserving gal finds a loving family to call her own!

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