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The Relationship Between Feral Cats and Horses

Recently, the TEARS Feral Cat Project relocated 13 feral cats from the Cape Nature Reserve near Witsands to a horse stable in the Noordhoek area.  We are blessed to have avid Horse-Cat rescuer Erin Le Roux from Whispering Woods who has always allowed us to bring unadoptable ferals to live the rest of lives in the horse stables.  The relationship is mutually beneficial to the horses and the feral cats. 

TEARS Operations Manager Mandy Store says: “Barn cats play an important role of pest control from stopping the rats from spreading diseases to the horses.”  In return, the cats get to live the freedom of a beautiful environment and still get fed a 60% pet food diet and allowing for them to hunt and keep the rats at bay.  

Following up with Erin of Whispering Woods, we have found that the cats and horses have benefited.  “The relationship between the cats and horses have been phenomenal to watch and see how they have connected to one another as they are quite similar.  Both the cats and horses are extremely sensitive to their environments and emotions of other beings.”  

For cats and horses, a natural home that runs with consistency and low stress is of outmost importance.  Both being such sensitive beings, when there is a disturbance in their livelihood it will eventually show up in a physical manifestation of disease.  

Because of the innate wariness, cats and horses do not automatically view you, a human, as worthy of their respect and love, unlike dogs who often give this freely, even to owners who mistreat or abuse them, instead, cats and horses will wait and see!  Initially, you will have to wait for cats and horses to come to you and indicate when and if they are ready for interaction.  In other words, you have to earn their trust.

The TEARS Feral Cat Project will support all horse stables who wish to introduce Feral Cats to their stables.  Please contact Operations Manager Mandy Store if you wish to have a feral family of your own!

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