Success Stories

We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

Ted is Totally Transformed

On Christmas Day, the TEARS Emergency phone received a call from a woman who was looking at a dog running thought the streets in the worst condition she had ever seen. She was in a low-income community and was watching a matted, terrified little dog scurry around in a desperate search for food.

The lady assured us that she would stay with the dog until we could get there. As soon as we put down the phone, the TEARS Mobile Clinic was dispatched to go and collect the little dog.

Upon arrival, we found the dog to be quite fearful of people. The Clinic staff were only able to catch him with a blanket. Once the dog was caught, we immediately took him to the TEARS Welfare Clinic where our vet was waiting to see him.

The little dog was called Ted. He was scared of people. It was as if he has never had any human contact and had been chased away. His fur was matted and full of dreads so tight that they had ripped his skin open and in the wounds were maggots. He suffered with chronic sarcoptic mange and a secondary bacterial infection.

The veterinary team immediately began treatment. Ted was sedated so that the painful mats could be removed and he could be bathed. Once he was able, Ted enjoyed a Christmas Lunch of chicken, likely the first time he’d ever eaten it.

Ted was treated with Nexgard and continued his medicated baths of Virbac Sebolytic. Ted ate a diet of Hill’s Prescription Diet™ Derm Defense™ which is specifically formulated to help protect your pet’s skin as well as heal and recover more efficiently.

Ted quickly found a home and is settling in nicely. We want to extend our thanks to Nexgard. It was their donation of product that allowed us to treat Ted. We must also thank Hill’s for helping transform Ted’s life.

Your donations help us reach more dogs like Ted. He was luck that we got to him in time. Ted is young and has his whole life ahead of him! It is thanks to your support that we can help animals in low-income areas. Donate today!

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