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Alaska and Gideon – My little Heroes

My dogs have changed my life. This statement may sound a little generic and somewhat overused, but there is no other way to put it. It’s the truth however, the bigger truth is that they have actually SAVED my life. For many years I battled with addiction, depression and eating disorders. When my best friend…
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It’s a Hard Knock Life No More for Hardy

A pit bull; scared, scarred, emaciated and defeated- brought to an already overflowing shelter, in the midst of a national crisis pertaining to power breeds. Not much is known of the dog’s background and he’s too weak to conduct a reliable temperament test. The marks on his body coincide with old dogfighting injuries, which if…
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Hey There, Delilah

Meet Delilah. She arrived on the 13th of November 2022 at death’s door. Rescued from a nearby low-income area, emaciated, skeletal, covered in ticks, fleas and fly larvae, the TEARS Veterinary Team was not confident that this little angel would pull through. A filthy mess, her paw pads, gums and ears were pure white when…
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First Aid Kit – Pets

It is always best to be prepared. TEARS Vets advised the following items to compile your own Pet First Aid Kit for home, travel & hiking needs. Always have your vet or an emergency vet’s number on hand, you don’t need too many things, with this basic list, most first aid scenarios can be handled.…
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Nikolai Was Rescued in the Nick of Time

Poor Nikolai has been waiting for his chance at TEARS for some time. With desperation reaching a peak, TEARS has been forced to place animals in need of rescue onto a waiting list as we simply do not have space to accommodate them. Nikolai was one of the vulnerable pets on the waiting list, biding…
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Poisonings In The Home Environment for Pets

Common Poisonings In the Home EnvironmentUnderstanding poisonings and toxic compounds can be summarized as follows; Not all products are equally toxic to cats and dogs or humans to the same degree. A toxin is mostly dose related, some require any exposure amount, some small amounts, some larger amounts and can also be specie specific. For…
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Pet Emergencies – What can I do?

The following advice is not meant to replace the role of the veterinarian. However, for animals, we as the owners are generally the first responders to our pets in need. Being prepared for such unforeseen emergencies, will help ease your stress and hopefully help save your pets life. The aim is to stabilise the pet,…
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10 Dog-Friendly Activities In Cape Town

Cape Town is a great city to have a dog. There are plenty of things to do here that your pup can join you on, from hiking and trail running to cafe-going. As long as you’ve trained your dog well and built up a good bond, you’ll be able to take them out with you often! We’ve…
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SantaPaws has dropped by to say Merry Woofmas!

SHOP WITH YOUR HEART Buy your pet food and supplies through the TEARS Online Shop – we provide delivery and collection options! Purchasing your pet food directly from TEARS means profits go into helping animals in need. It’s family time! The family you’re given, the family you choose and the family you RESCUE! It’s that…
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From Mangy to Marvelous

Paxton was surrendered to the TEARS Mobile Clinic Team during one of our regular Veterinary Outreach Community Clinics that we co-host with AfriPaw in Vrygrond. With only sparse tufts of fur on this back, Paxton was almost completely hairless and his raw and scabby skin was barely clinging to his bony frame. Once he arrived at TEARS, Paxton was assessed by the TEARS Veterinary…
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Mickey got the better of his urinary blockage

Mickey arrived at TEARS Animal Rescue in November 2021, to be admitted to the Veterinary hospital for immediate treatment for a Urinary blockage. The veterinary staff placed an intravenous catheter to deliver fluids and medicine. He was then be sedated and a urinary catheter was placed to relieve the obstruction and empty his bladder. The…
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Luna – the life of an adopted dog in Cape Town

We brought Luna home a few days before New Year 2022. We’d learned just a few weeks before that our apartment block did, in fact, allow dogs, and that we could finally get a pup of our own, after mooning over every happy dog we passed! She was a foster puppy when we met her,…
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Find must-have pet products for summer

SHOP WITH YOUR HEART Buy your pet food and supplies through the TEARS Online Shop – we provide delivery and collection options! Purchasing your pet food directly from TEARS means profits go into helping animals in need. It’s that time of year again! The sun is up early, it’s getting hotter, and we’re spending more…
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The Decluttered and the Not-Decluttered

We have a neat way of classifying people based on what they have:  the HAVEs and the HAVE NOTs.  Though the distinction aims to divide people into rich and poor, it is indicative of how much weight we, as a society, place on possessions – on “having” something that the others do not.  All too…
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TEARS Veterinary Clinic is here to help

Why do we vaccinate animals? In short; because they are part of our families and we have to care for them. Caring for your beloved pets extends far more than just providing shelter, feeding and playing with them. As our pets are effectively our extended family members, we must also protect them against harmful parasites…
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