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Escaping Tragedy and Overcoming a Harrowing Ordeal

Remi has shed her bandages, and is ready for love. Meet Remi, a courageous survivor with a heart full of love! Remi escaped a harrowing ordeal that sadly claimed her furry companion. Rescued from the tragic aftermath of a shack fire, she emerged with singed fur and severe burns. Remi was surrendered to TEARS for…
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Our Pizza Place Puts a New Spin on Pet Adoption

Local Pizza Chain Collaborates with TEARS Animal Rescue and Aid4AID to Promote Pet Adoption Our Pizza Place, a beloved local pizza take-away, is bringing a creative and compassionate touch to their take-away experience. Co-owner Jacques van Velze proudly announced the launch of a new initiative – featuring posters of dogs and cats up for adoption…
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TEARS Impact | January 2024

Thanks to kind-hearted people like you, we’ve started 2024 off with a bang! Here’s what you helped us achieve during January:   303 Sterilisations At TEARS, we’re firm believers that sterilisation will end pet homelessness. Thanks to your support, we are 303 animals closer to ensuring a day of #NoMoreHomelessPets in Cape Town.   792…
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Purrfectly Imperfect: Joe’s Living Life to the Full

Joe lost a leg in an accident, but that just means more room for love and cuddles! Joe was a homeless cat struggling to survive on the streets of Mitchell’s Plain until a kind Samaritan discovered him in their garden in December 2023. What unfolded next revealed the harsh realities Joe had faced as a…
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This Year, Unlock the Power of Compassion

Meet Gandalf and Freya, two inextinguishable souls discovered during a devastating fire in Seawinds, near Vrygrond in December last year, where over 100 shacks were tragically reduced to ashes. While they miraculously escaped the flames, the disaster marked the end of a miserable and painful existence. Afflicted with advanced cases of both sarcoptic and demodectic…
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Rescued from the dog meat trade in Cambodia, the lives of 5 dogs are changing forever Every year, millions of dogs are killed for the dog meat trade in Southeast Asia. Both stray animals and family pets are often stolen from their gardens and homes, and violently killed. Working closely with governments and local charity…
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Romy’s Heartwarming Tale of Second Chances 

On a weekend marked by cruelty, 8-week-old Romy faced the harshness of the world after a harrowing incident with a group of children. Kicked and left bruised and frightened, Romy’s fate took a positive turn when a compassionate rescuer swooped in, bringing her to TEARS Animal Rescue for safety. Under the watchful eye of the…
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David van der Want Takes on Gruelling Cycling Challenges to Support TEARS

In a remarkable display of determination and compassion, David van der Want is gearing up to conquer two of the toughest mountain bike races, the MUNGA Grit Tankwa and the full MUNGA, all in the name of supporting TEARS. The organisation’s commitment to the well-being of animals aligns perfectly with David’s desire to make his…
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Atlas Get’s His Second Chance at TEARS Animal Rescue

TEARS Animal Rescue has reported a 70% increase in rescues compared to this period last year, as pet owners living in under-resourced communities struggle to feed and care for their pets. While TEARS provides vital pet food support to responsible pet owners as a means of mitigating the risk of community pets succumbing to malnutrition…
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MySchool’s Impact: How Emma Found Hope and Healing

Rescued from the neighbouring under-resourced community of Masiphumelele, Emma’s journey to recovery began when her owners surrendered her to the TEARS Mobile Clinic. Neglected, emaciated and suffering from severe dermatitis caused by an infestation of ticks and fleas, Emma arrived at TEARS crushed both in body and spirit. Compounding her malnutrition and the discomfort caused…
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Ensuring Your Pet’s Health: The Importance of Deworming and Preventing Tick and Flea Infestations

As pet owners, we strive to provide our furry companions with the best care possible. However, there are crucial aspects of pet health that often go overlooked: deworming and preventing tick and flea infestations. Parasites can pose significant risks to our pets’ well-being and even impact our own health. In this article, we shed light…
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TEARS 2024 Calendar Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered their beloved TEARS pets into the 2024 TEARS Calendar Competition in celebration of “second chances” and the commemoration of 25 years of rescuing, treating, rehabilitating, and rehoming vulnerable pets. Every single TEARS pet is a winner in our eyes, but in terms of the brief, we made our selection…
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Against All Odds: Valora’s Triumph Over Tragedy

TEARS and local residents rescued an abandoned female Pitbull from inevitable demise after she was hit by a train. They found her lying along the tracks, where she’d been for about a week, with her front leg severed. They’ve named her Valora because it means brave.  On 14 April, Valora’s traumatic story began when it…
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Food Shelter Love – Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is a renowned pet food company that has been dedicated to improving the lives of pets for over 75 years. Through its various programs, the company has demonstrated its commitment to making a difference in the lives of neglected and malnourished pets, particularly those from low-income communities. One of the beneficiaries of…
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Alaska and Gideon – My little Heroes

My dogs have changed my life. This statement may sound a little generic and somewhat overused, but there is no other way to put it. It’s the truth however, the bigger truth is that they have actually SAVED my life. For many years I battled with addiction, depression and eating disorders. When my best friend…
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