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Feral Cats: Trap-Neuter-Release

For the last 10 years, TEARS Animal Rescue has supported the feral cats in the Western Cape with a clinic that sterilises on the basis of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return).   Stray or feral cats are humanely trapped and taken to the TEARS Clinic to be sterilised and vaccinated against Rabies.  After recovery, they are then released back to…
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Christmas Dangers for Pets

The holidays aren’t just tempting for us! There is lots of new sights, sounds, smells and tempting decorations that our pets will check out too. But not all holiday foods and decorations are pet-safe. Be sure to have a close look at this list of Holiday Pet Dangers to keep your pet safe. Food. This…
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Suede: from Mangy Mongrel to Dashing Doggo

Suede was brought to the TEARS Welfare Clinic after being found and rescued in Ocean View by 1 Kennel At A Time. A concerned community member alerted them to a very skinny dog being hidden away in the backyard. What they found was a shock. A severely mangy, undernourish and tick-infested girl was rushed into…
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Easy to make Banana and Oat Doggie Biscuits

These treats are quick to make, and the ingredients are good for your pup.  They’re also cheaper than store-bought treats and are a great way to tell your doggo you love them. The banana in this recipe from @onlythegoodstuffza will supply your pooch with potassium, manganese and vitamin B6. Ingredients 1 cup oats1 cup nutty…
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Home for the Holidays

The holidays are almost here! And what better time to adopt that cat or dog you’ve been longing for? The temptation to present a child, or an adult, with a cuddly canine or fluffy feline on Christmas is hard to resist, but until recently we were told the holidays were not the right time. Children…
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TEARS dog Max Earns Good Citizen Award

Max, a two year old German Shepherd Belgian Shepherd cross, is a great believer in ‘third time lucky’ after being returned to the kennels twice in his short life. When he was returned earlier this year, staff realised that he was sad and confused and they felt that he needed some extra TLC. And so…
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