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Thank you for championing animal rescue and relief

Sweet Valley Primary Grade 3 Class Raises a Bundle for TEARS

A huge thank you and congratulations to the entire Grade 3 Class of Sweet Valley Primary School for their big effort and fantastic donation! Every year, the Grade 3 Class fundraises for TEARS Animal Rescue and this year they raised the most that they ever have: over R21 000 and over 100-kg of food! Not…
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Learn More About Snuffles

Learn more about snuffles, how to prevent your cat from developing this disease and what to do if you suspect that your cat is suffering with snuffles. Causes: Feline Upper Respiratory Tract Disease – Cat Flu, also known as “snuffles,” is most commonly caused by feline herpesvirus (FHV-1) and feline calici virus (FCV) in cats.…
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Announcing the TEARS 2020 Calendar

The TEARS 2020 Calendar has gone to print and is available for pre-order! This year we were very fortunate to partner with Ingrid Alice Irsigler, renowned fashion and advertising photographer, and her incredible team. The calendar features some of South Africa’s most talented models and our very own cats and dogs. The calendar shoot took…
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From calamity to cattitude: meet Phoenix

Phoenix was brought to our Clinic with severe burns on his back and on the top of his head. When he was dropped, his rescuers quickly disappeared. The wounds were days old. He was rushed to see Dr. Sebastian Mulange who found that the burns went straight through to his flesh. Though we had been…
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Ashton Gives Blood to Save A Sick Dog in Trouble

Ashton has been with TEARS Animal Rescue since August 2017 and he’s done a lot of good since he arrived. Ashton has given blood several times to help other dogs in need of lifesaving blood transfusions. Recently, Ashton gave another donation of blood to save little Tosca who was suffering from severe Billiary and Ehrlichia…
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TEARS Spring Lunch 2019

This past Saturday, the third annual TEARS Spring Lunch was held at The FoodBarn in the Noordhoek Farm Village. Guests arrived and enjoyed a welcome cocktail and greeted some adorable TEARS rescue dogs. A delicious 4-course lunch was enjoyed with a mini auction, raffles, prizes, and goodie bags for everyone. Reto Camichel had us all…
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