TEARS Impact | January 2024

Thanks to kind-hearted people like you, we’ve started 2024 off with a bang! Here’s what you helped us achieve during January:


303 Sterilisations

At TEARS, we're firm believers that sterilisation will end pet homelessness. Thanks to your support, we are 303 animals closer to ensuring a day of #NoMoreHomelessPets in Cape Town.


792 Vaccinations

Vaccination helps prevent the spread of communicable diseases such as rabies, canine parvovirus and feline panleukopaenia virus. These deadly illnesses have a devastating affect on pets in low-income communities. Through our vaccination programmes, 792 pets were vaccinated at the TEARS Vet Clinic and TEARS Mobile Clinics. 


660 Veterinary Procedures

355 pets from low-income communities visited the TEARS Clinic for veterinary consults and 305 animals were admitted to the TEARS Hospital during the month of January to receive further vet care or treatment before being discharged.


3 948 Meals For Hungry Pets

Pet food insecurity is the leading cause of surrender in low-income communities. With a full shelter, The TEARS Feed Hungry Pets programme helps to feed pets to keep them in their loving homes.


114 Shelter Intakes

Last month, 114 vulnerable pets found refuge at the TEARS Kennels and Cattery. Some, needing a bit of extra care and rehabilitation, are on their way to recovery before finding their forever homes. Others, having fast-tracked through the process, now eagerly await to be adopted into loving families.


378 Adoptable Pets

Discover your new BFF among the 378 pets in TEARS Shelters and foster homes. Our adoptable cats and dogs are eager to start their next chapter with you. Don't let love go to waste — adopt!


92 Adoptions

Adoption is a win-win. Not only do adoptive families complete the rescue process, but every adoption means another vulnerable pet gets a second chance at a happier life.


Emma Found a Home!

After being rescued from a life of neglect and spending 201 days at TEARS, Emma finally found the family of her dreams! If she could talk, we’re sure she would agree that it was worth the wait.


Every Swipe Counts 

20 942 swipes during December generated a whopping R41 244.44, thanks to our MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet supporters. Get a MySchool card and donate while you shop, at no cost to you!


We Can't Do It Without You

While last month’s stats are impressive, we need your continued support. Your donation fuels our life-saving work, bringing hope to countless animals. Every act of kindness — big or small — transforms lives. With you in our corner, we can achieve even more.


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