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We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

Tallulah’s Life Begins Again

Tallulah arrived at the TEARS Veterinary Hospital in an absolutely shocking and disturbing state. Covered in stinking, faeces-filled dreadlocks that hid festering wounds with maggots and a thin, skeletal dog.

The TEARS Veterinary Team attended to her immediately. More than 2-kgs of dreadlocks were removed. Her wounds were cleaned and the maggots removed. She was given a bath and the water turned black due to the filth.

Tallulah’s dreads had held her limbs tightly in place and her muscles were stiff from the lack of movement. She was confused by the love and attention and people speaking sweetly to her.

TEARS is working with the SPCA to lay charges against Tallulah’s previous owners due to their gross neglect and treatment of her. We are committed to ending animal suffering and improving the lives of the abused, neglected, sick, injured and homeless animals of Cape Town.

It is your continued support that makes a world of difference for each and every animal. Your donations are a critical need for animals like Tallulah who would have no hope without you.

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