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Suede: from Mangy Mongrel to Dashing Doggo

Suede was brought to the TEARS Welfare Clinic after being found and rescued in Ocean View by 1 Kennel At A Time. A concerned community member alerted them to a very skinny dog being hidden away in the backyard. What they found was a shock.

A severely mangy, undernourish and tick-infested girl was rushed into our care. She spent quite a bit of time in the Clinic undergoing treatment before being moved into quarantine to begin a long rehabilitation process. If she had been rescued a couple of weeks later, we would not have been able to save her.

Suede was bathed daily by volunteers to help her skin recover and to help soothe her discomfort. To help her skin and help her get back to a healthy weight, Suede was fed a diet of Hill’s Pet Nutrition with optimal levels of essential nutrients to help her body heal.

After potentially years of neglect, Suede needed extra love and attention. Naturally, after being without food for so long, Suede had developed some issues surrounding food. After working with staff and volunteers one-on-one, she has learned to walk on a lead and has great recall! She has overcome her food issues and has developed a love for life!

She is a lovable girl who has taken this second chance at life and run with it! She is utterly transformed and unrecognisable as the dog that had been locked in the backyard and forgotten.

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