Success Stories

We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

Aladdin: the white kitten

This is Aladdin’s Story.

I was taken away from my family at the age of 5 weeks old – how cold it is to be on your own without your Mom & siblings to snuggle! I hid just between a few bricks holding up a shed and that kind of sheltered me.

I was lucky that the tap outside was leaking so I could always have access to water even though I had to drink off the sandy ground. I learned to scavenge the scraps thrown on the sandy ground outside the back door.

My people only had two meals a day and on a few occasions only one. My Mom stays home, cleans and looks after the children. My Dad tries to find work every day so that he can feed us. Life is tough…

One day I get woken up to the shouting of my name ‘Kitsie, Kitsie’! There’s a man in a uniform and he is holding a box. He puts me in the box. I have never been so petrified in all my life! I see my Mom crying and saying to him, “We can’t look after Kitsie anymore and his skin is getting worse!” So off I go and end up at the TEARS Welfare Clinic.

I get seen by the resident Vet, Dr Tracy Dicks. She says I have the terrible ring worm and a skin allergy but with the right treatment I’ll be fine. It’s so nice at the TEARS Clinic, everyone here gives me cuddles and feeds me these little balls of food that taste like chicken!

I spend a few days in hospital and start to feel great again. They call me Aladdin. After, I was sent off to the TEARS Cattery which I thought was a Cat Hotel!

My Cattery was first class and the food was the bestest, I still longed for a family to call my own. I spent most of my days watching the people go by in the hope that someone would notice me.

Then finally that day came! I got to meet a handsome fellow called Jacques. He picked me up and held me gently against his chest and gave me the nicest tickles on my cheeks that made me purrrrr! I’ve never felt such happiness before and I was In love! Jacques was to be my new Dad and I have found a home & family to call my own!

Thank you to the TEARS clinic who gave me first class veterinary care and cured me! Thank you to you the supporters of TEARS who helps animals and people in the communities who rely on the support of TEARS to care for their animals!