Stark Increase in Emaciated Dogs Being Surrendered

The impact of unemployment and the rising cost of living has dire consequences for the people living on or near the breadline, and in turn, the animals living either as pets or strays, in these impoverished communities. Our hearts never fail to drop when we see the suffering of people and animals so close to home, and in the past two weeks TEARS bore witness to the kind of extreme neglect that resulted in eight emaciated dogs being surrendered to our Welfare Clinic for emergency intervention. They’re the lucky ones. While we have seen cases of starvation before, it’s never been this extensive or extreme, and it’s clearly on the increase.

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Most of these dogs were tied up and starved over a long period of time, and judging by the sores on their bodies, showed signs of having been restrained and made to sit or lie on hard, cold surfaces day in and day out. One of these dog’s sores have left her bones exposed as the skin and muscle have completely worn away.

For these dogs, getting to the TEARS Welfare Clinic is the first step towards health and healing. Starvation leads to muscle deterioration, bone issues, skin issues, decreased immunity and ultimately organ failure. It is a life threatening situation for a dog to be in. Generally these dogs are tied and therefore unable to forage or find any food source to improve their situation. Extreme starvation, as we are seeing now, is a life-threatening condition for these animals, who are all fighting for their lives.

Such a stark increase in the number of emaciated dogs that TEARS is seeing, is a sad and stark sign of the times. As people struggle to put food on the table and keep roofs over their heads, the needs of animals are no longer considered a priority or a concern. Survival of the fittest becomes the order of the day, and many animals are being left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately there are those dogs that are restrained on leashes and ropes to provide some sense of security to their owners, but without adequate food and care, will most likely die slow and painful deaths, either from starvation or disease; and most often, both.

TEARS Animal Rescue is dedicated to helping these animals. Our Clinic is working now to give these dogs a fighting chance with careful monitoring, medical assistance and nutrition.

Across the board, animal welfare organisations are being stretched thinner and thinner – there are so many animals in need and our resources will only allow us to help so many.

We need your help to reach and rescue more animals like these — to give hope to dogs like Alana, Morrison and Kira. With a once-off or monthly donation to TEARS Animal Rescue, you’ll be supporting our Clinic in giving these dogs the veterinary care they deserve. Stand with us and make a pledge to help those who can’t help themselves.

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