Sponsor an Education Programme

When you empower people through education, everything changes. Help us change lives for good.

Please support TEARS by funding or partnering with us in implementing a TEARS Compassion Education and Pet Care Programme in one or more of the vulnerable communities we serve.

  • TRAINERS: Each dedicated 24-week Programme is facilitated by a TEARS Trainer and three TEARS Animal Welfare Assistants
  • LEARNERS: 60 pre-registered community-based learners from Grade 4 – 12 will attend a 60-minute weekly interactive and valuable learning session
  • TRAINING & SUPPORT MATERIAL: Each registered learner receives 1 x Pet Care Training & Compassion Education booklet with supplementary pet food which is used for attendance, milestone progress, and covers the course curriculum (14 chapters)
  • BENEFITS: Each learner that graduates receives a course completion certificate with the opportunity to apply to the TEARS Volunteer Learnership Programme for over 18’s. (Implementing in Q4 2021)
  • MEASURING IMPACT: Each registered learner who graduates will complete a short questionnaire facilitated by the TEARS Trainer at the end of the Programme. This information will be shared with our sponsor/s and partners in the form of a POST PROGRAMME IMPACT REPORT

For more information on the Programme and how you or your organisation can get involved please email lara@tears.org.za


Compassion Education is life-changing for a child, their family, their community, and the companion animals that share those communities.