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Can you give a goldie dog or cat a happily ever after home?

Golden Oldie's Need a Home too 

Senior pets (8 years and older) and those with disabilities are often the most overlooked at animal shelters.

Some dogs and cats lead a life of hardship before being rescued, and have the scars to prove it.

They have a few years under the proverbial belt, but there’s still plenty of fun and affection up ahead. If you have an empty spot on your sofa, we may have just the right couch potato for you.


We'd love to find these guys a home.

Adopting a senior cat or dog from TEARS provides peace of mind that your new friend will receive care when needed, at cost.

Post-adoption support for Golden Oldies:

  • Waived adoption fee
  • Free annual health check
  • Veterinary consultations at cost
  • Medication and supplements at cost
  • Food including prescription at cost.


Donate now and you can feed a dog or kitten for a week