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We're Having A Sleepover And You're Invited!

Calling all animal lovers! Join the biggest animal event of the year! Register for the 2022 TEARS Sleepathon to spend a night in the Kennels or Cattery and help raise funds for a cause that is close to your heart.

Simply Sleepathon

  1. Buy Your Ticket! Choose to Doze with the Dogs or Catnap with the Cats. Pick your sleepover day. Pick a cause that is close to your heart.
  2. Fundraise leading up to the big night (and after too)!
  3. Come and spend the night cuddled up with shelter pets.


The Full Story

When you hear "TEARS," you think Sleepathon. This event has been on-going for over 9-years at TEARS Animal Rescue and the amount of goodwill generated is incalculable. We are able to increase our impact thanks to the big hearts of animal lovers that participate each year.

Snoozers get to pick one of three causes to raise funds for. 1) Mobile Clinic Outreach, 2) Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome and 3) Sterilisation. While all of these causes are cornerstones of TEARS' mission, we need your help to fundraise for the cause that is closest to your heart. Don't worry, once you've picked your cause, you'll get a Welcome Pack and some graphics and information to help you with your fundraising.

By raising more funds, not only will you help TEARS reach more vulnerable companion animals but you'll be in the running for some great prizes too! You'll learn more in the Welcome Pack 😉

The crowning moment of your achievement is coming to TEARS to spend the night in the shelter with either the cats or the dogs. You'll feel just how grateful they are for your efforts and for being admitted into TEARS. You'll be meeting these precious animals after having been rescued from a low-income area, sterilised, treated at the TEARS Veterinary Clinic and being exposed to the TEARS Rehabilitation Programme.

It is a night to remember for the rest of your life. Make a big impact for not only the dog or cat that you cuddle, but for all animals that TEARS is able to reach thanks to your amazing fundraising efforts.


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