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Scooter: from Street Thug to Lovebug

I’m Scooter and this is the story of my journey from street thug to lovebug. 

I was born into a world of motorbike engines and lots of junk. It was a big yard, but full of all sorts of scrap metal, tyres, oil and noise. It was quite an adventure to begin with. As kittens, my four siblings and I found lots of hidey-holes to play hide ‘n seek and loads of things to explore. 

But there were some scary dogs there and other cats that used to come into the yard from the neighbourhood and start fights. I think one of them was my Dad, but he wasn’t a family man at all. It was like a war zone in that yard and we all became fairly streetwise. It didn’t prevent us being involved in some pretty scary fights, though. And that’s how I contracted Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).  

One day, I decided to check out my neighbours on the other side, TEARS Animal Rescue. It was a wet and rainy morning and I decided to just walk right in the front door. I was taken in as a resident cat at their offices because they took pity on me and my other surviving sibling. But having had to fend for myself against the marauding cats next door had made me into a bit of a fighter and I got quite a reputation for beating up the other resident cats at TEARS.  

Eventually, the other cats got so fed up with me and my moods that the people at TEARS realised I couldn’t stay there.  Apart from annoying my roommates, my continuing aggression could put their health at risk if a real big fight broke out.

So, one of the staff, Ryan, agreed to foster me. Ryan was super cool. He used to take me on walks on a harness which I thought was pretty nifty. I felt very suave walking around like that. But I knew this was a temporary home for me. How I longed to be taken into a loving home forever and be able to surrender completely, be looked after always and relax.

Just when I had almost given up, Siobhan came into my life. Siobhan paid a visit and I have to say it was love at first sight for both of us. The rest is history.  As you can see from the photos, I have finally been able to put all my trust in someone who has so much love for me that I feel truly blessed. My heart aches with love for Siobhan too. She is my person for sure and I am her boy. I know that I am safe and loved until the end of my days.

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