Schools involved with TEARS

Schools have made such a huge difference in countless animals lives through their involvement and collaborations with TEARS.


Teaching students about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership in schools will play an important role in reducing the need for intervention and will help to protect the welfare of tens of thousands of animals in the future.

At TEARS, we believe that it is so important to educate children about animals from a young age. Taking care of pets is a huge responsibility and there is a lot involved in making sure that your pets are well looked after, loved and cared for. Children are the future and we are very eager to engage the youth in animal welfare and the plight of the less fortunate out there.

Schools have made such a huge difference in countless animals lives through their involvement and collaborations with TEARS. We are so thankful for all the schools that have reached out to us, your support has been truly amazing.

If you are interested in talks at your school or would like to do any collaborations or want donation tins at school, please feel free to contact TEARS on

We are able to bring one or two animals to our school talks if you would like, however with bringing them along we are only able to do talks after 10:00 AM.

It’s a Hard Knock Life No More for Hardy

A pit bull; scared, scarred, emaciated and defeated- brought to an already overflowing shelter, in the midst of a national crisis pertaining to power breeds. Not much is known of the dog’s background and he’s too weak to conduct a reliable temperament test. The marks on his body coincide with old dogfighting injuries, which if…

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Nikolai Was Rescued in the Nick of Time

Poor Nikolai has been waiting for his chance at TEARS for some time. With desperation reaching a peak, TEARS has been forced to place animals in need of rescue onto a waiting list as we simply do not have space to accommodate them. Nikolai was one of the vulnerable pets on the waiting list, biding…

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From Mangy to Marvelous

Paxton was surrendered to the TEARS Mobile Clinic Team during one of our regular Veterinary Outreach Community Clinics that we co-host with AfriPaw in Vrygrond. With only sparse tufts of fur on this back, Paxton was almost completely hairless and his raw and scabby skin was barely clinging to his bony frame. Once he arrived at TEARS, Paxton was assessed by the TEARS Veterinary…

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Mickey got the better of his urinary blockage

Mickey arrived at TEARS Animal Rescue in November 2021, to be admitted to the Veterinary hospital for immediate treatment for a Urinary blockage. The veterinary staff placed an intravenous catheter to deliver fluids and medicine. He was then be sedated and a urinary catheter was placed to relieve the obstruction and empty his bladder. The…

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Luna – the life of an adopted dog in Cape Town

We brought Luna home a few days before New Year 2022. We’d learned just a few weeks before that our apartment block did, in fact, allow dogs, and that we could finally get a pup of our own, after mooning over every happy dog we passed! She was a foster puppy when we met her,…

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Gentle Giant Gus

Gus, a beautiful boerboel boy, was rescued and brought to TEARS Animal Rescue as a result of a joint operation with 1 Kennel at a Time and the Cape of Good SPCA. TEARS had met Gus once before his rescue when he was brought to the TEARS Veterinary Hospital seeking treatment for ehrlichia. When he came to…

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One Bird Too Many (gall) Stones

Bird arrived at TEARS from Adopt-a-Pet in August 2021. He started displaying vomiting and losing weight. Dr Tracy Dicks came to TEARS Veterinary Clinic to observe Bird, she had a look at him and asked to have him checked at her practice.  Dr Tracy Dicks diagnosed Bird with Cholelithiasis – a medical condition that can…

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Miracle Mushu

Mushu came to TEARS on the 23rd of December with horrific open wounds that had been inflicted on him by his littermates. TEARS first met Mushu when his owners brought the entire litter to TEARS for vaccination and sterilisation. At that time, we strongly urged the owner to separate the litter as they would begin…

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Tracker: A One Way Trip to Happiness

At 6PM on a blisteringly hot Friday evening in the South Peninsula, two friends discovered an injured dog on the train tracks as they crossed to a tidal pool in Kalk Bay. As they approached the dog, they found that it had a missing a leg with what appeared to be a partially amputated tail…

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Josie: Joyful Josie’s Journey

Meet the Gorgeous Miss Josie, a stunning girl who is a complete joy to be around. She’s friendly, playful and happy, and just loves meeting new people – stretching her paw out to say hello and lavishing you with kisses the first chance she gets! Her life didn’t start out so picturesque. In 2017, She…

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