Rupert – The Boy Who Almost Didn’t Make It

Just over a year ago, Rupert was rescued from Vrygrond by the wonderful people of AfriPaw who were made aware of his plight when the owner contacted them looking for help. Rupert, formerly Rex, had been living on the end of a short chain that had been crudely fashioned out of bits of metal and rope. Around his neck, Rupert’s owner had run wire through hosepipe to act as a collar. Through wear and tear or by some other means, the hosepipe fell away without the owner’s knowledge and the wire began to slice into Rupert’s neck with every move he made.

When the owner did become aware, the wound was painful, festering with infection and the wire was embedded. After much convincing and counselling, the owner surrendered his guard dog to AfriPaw who rushed Rupert to the TEARS Veterinary Hospital.

The TEARS vets were horrified at the severity of the case as the wire had become so embedded in Rupert’s neck, it was mere millimetres from slicing into his jugular vein. It was a lifesaving surgery that removed the wire from his neck and months of physical, emotional, and mental healing then followed.

Rupert moved to the TEARS Kennels where he spent time with TEARS staff and volunteers learning how to become a dog again while patiently waiting for his forever home.

Recently, Rupert was adopted, and he’s never looked back! He’s the happiest boy on the block, bumming it on the beach and on the couch.

As part of the TEARS Veterinary Outreach & Mobile Clinic Programme, TEARS partners with like-minded organisations such as AfriPaw to provide much needed veterinary support both in the field and at the TEARS Veterinary Hospital.

Without being able to access the TEARS Veterinary Hospital, Rupert’s chances were slim to none. His owners would never have been able to afford private veterinary care and he likely would have died a painful death.

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