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Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome

Improving the lives of animals, together.

You are their HERO

With your support, TEARS’ team is able to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome domestic animals in need across the South Peninsula.



Your contribution provides homeless and rescued animals with veterinary care under the direction of our veterinarian and veterinary assistants who focus on sterilisation, vaccination, injury, illness diagnosis and treatment.



Public generosity turns hopeless into hope. Our rehabilitation experts and animal behaviourists help transform the abused and neglected into happy, healthy animals that get a second chance at life within a loving home.

You can apply to assist with dog and puppy training and rehabilitation by contacting for our schedule.



Once fed, sheltered, socialised, rehabilitated and loved, TEARS rescue animals are ready to find their forever homes - with your help!

Nothing makes us happier than when you find a space in your heart and home for a rescue pet. To find your new furry forever-friend, visit our Adoption page.

Rescue Success Stories

Celebrate Animal Rescue Successes with Us

Be part of the solution in changing tears of Sadness into tears of Joy.

Your support enables TEARS to impact the lives of thousands of animals in desperate need.

Because of friends like you, we are able to provide the hopeless with hope, giving rescued dogs and cats a second chance at finding their forever homes!

Suede: from Mangy Mongrel to Dashing Doggo

Suede was brought to the TEARS Welfare Clinic after being found and rescued in Ocean View by 1 Kennel At A Time. A concerned community member alerted them to a very skinny dog being hidden away in the backyard. What they found was a shock. A severely mangy, undernourish and tick-infested girl was rushed into…

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From calamity to cattitude: meet Phoenix

Phoenix was brought to our Clinic with severe burns on his back and on the top of his head. When he was dropped, his rescuers quickly disappeared. The wounds were days old. He was rushed to see Dr. Sebastian Mulange who found that the burns went straight through to his flesh. Though we had been…

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Emberly: Emerging from the Flames

In late July of this year, Masiphumelele burned leaving over a thousand people homeless and taking one man’s life. With tight and cramped living conditions, fires in townships spread fast and cause widespread damage. The animals living in the townships also suffer burns, homelessness and injuries from fleeing from fire. TEARS Animal Rescue responds during…

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Coby’s Miraculous Recovery

Handsome Coby came to the TEARS Welfare Clinic after a bad accident. Young Coby escaped from his yard and was hit by a car right in front of his owner who was trying to get him back into the yard in Ocean View. His owner brought Coby to TEARS for emergency veterinary care. Upon examination,…

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Alana: Emaciated to Beautiful

Alana was rescued from a life tied to a short chain in a small and dirty yard in Ocean View. When she arrived at TEARS Animal Rescue, we were absolutely shocked to see a dog so thin and in desperate need of veterinary care. Upon Alana’s arrival, she was immediately rushed to the TEARS Welfare…

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Frosty Finds his Forever Home

Frosty spent 974 in a shelter and now he’s got a home! Join us in saying goodbye to our longest stayer! He has gone through a total transformation from the terrified, skinny, mangy boy that we first met. His journey towards his sweet and playful demeanour now is all thanks to the dedicated work and…

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Boots: beating rickets

At six weeks old, little boy Boots and his sister were rescued from absolute squalor off streets of Ocean View in Cape Town on death’s door. Lethargic, severely dehydrated and malnourished, underdeveloped for their age, full of demodectic mange, worms, fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites; things weren’t looking good for Boots at all. But worst…

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Aladdin: the white kitten

This is Aladdin’s Story. I was taken away from my family at the age of 5 weeks old – how cold it is to be on your own without your Mom & siblings to snuggle! I hid just between a few bricks holding up a shed and that kind of sheltered me. I was lucky…

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