Purrfectly Imperfect: Joe’s Living Life to the Full


Joe lost a leg in an accident, but that just means more room for love and cuddles!

Joe was a homeless cat struggling to survive on the streets of Mitchell's Plain until a kind Samaritan discovered him in their garden in December 2023. What unfolded next revealed the harsh realities Joe had faced as a stray. He had suffered horrific injuries to his hind leg and in considerable pain.


Unwilling to turn a blind eye to Joe's suffering, Cape Guardian Animal Rescue was contacted to assist and Joe was swiftly brought to the TEARS Veterinary Hospital for urgent medical intervention. The veterinary examination revealed a tragic scenario – it was evident that Joe had been struck by a car, his hind leg now a mangled mess of crushed bone and open wounds, barely hanging on to his body.


Despite the excruciating pain he endured, Joe displayed remarkable bravery and gratitude. Faced with the severity of his injury, the TEARS' veterinary team made the difficult decision to perform an emergency amputation, ultimately saving Joe's life.

Following several days of recovery at the TEARS Veterinary Hospital, Joe moved to the TEARS Cattery where he has embraced his second chance new beginning.


Unfazed by his newfound three-legged status, Joe doesn't believe he's disabled - he just knows he is special. With leaps and bounds, he's adapted to navigating life on three legs, showcasing an endearing, gentle personality with a penchant for snuggles, play and flaunting his cool-kid swagger.


Now, all this ginger charmer needs to make his “make-over” story complete is a loving family that understands his limitations and can provide him with the unconditional love and security he deserves. Will you be the one to give Joe his forever home?


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