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Unconditional love is just a click away! Complete an online Adoption Questionnaire here and one of our Kennel Crew will be in touch to arrange the next step to get me home to you.


Do you want to help a rescue dog in a shelter, but cannot adopt? Why not consider sponsoring a pooch at TEARS Animal Rescue for a month while waiting for their forever family? Your R500 sponsorship will help cover the food, kenneling, monthly worming, flea and tick treatment and some creature comforts!

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No ball gets left behind – that’s Zeke’s motto! This handsome young chap is all about adventure and fun, whether it’s hanging out at the beach, riding shotgun on road trips, going for hikes or just playing with the best invention on earth: the humble ball! Zeke has an infectious joie de vivre and he’s always ready to go – life is far too exciting to be a couch potato! Poor Zeke was surrendered to TEARS Animal Rescue after escaping one too many times from his previous owners house; he didn’t appreciate being left on his own at home all day with no buddies to play with, so decided to find adventures of his own! This young lad is an A+ student in training school and, with a little training, would excel at agility work or fly ball. If you’re looking for a partner in all of life’s adventures, then Zeke is pretty perfect!