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Unconditional love is just a click away! Complete an online Adoption Questionnaire here and one of our Kennel Crew will be in touch to arrange the next step to get me home to you.


Do you want to help a rescue dog in a shelter, but cannot adopt? Why not consider sponsoring a pooch at TEARS Animal Rescue for a month while waiting for their forever family? Your R500 sponsorship will help cover the food, kenneling, monthly worming, flea and tick treatment and some creature comforts!

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Doting Jolie is a whole lot of love and affection, packaged in a wiry coat and sealed with a wet nose and wagging tail! She’s the most gentle and endearing soul you could ever wish to meet! On leash, she’s a peach – friendly to all who pass. Jolie has a charming and happy-go-lucky outlook on life and enjoys socialising with canine and two-legged human friends. The streets are no place for a dog – especially a snuggly, loving dog like little Jolie. She was having a hard time as a stray and luckily ended up at TEARS Animal Rescue. Jolie’s dreams are filled with wishes for love and belly rubs from a person of her very own. Easy-going and affectionate, she’s waiting for you to take her home and make her part of your family. She would be a devoted companion and delightful best friend, if only given the chance!