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Unconditional love is just a click away! Complete an online Adoption Questionnaire here and one of our Kennel Crew will be in touch to arrange the next step to get me home to you.


Do you want to help a rescue dog in a shelter, but cannot adopt? Why not consider sponsoring a pooch at TEARS Animal Rescue for a month while waiting for their forever family? Your R500 sponsorship will help cover the food, kenneling, monthly worming, flea and tick treatment and some creature comforts!

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If you’re looking for a devoted and faithful canine companion who will adore you, look no further than Ivey! She’s as pretty as a picture and lights up when she sees people she knows – her tail can’t wag fast enough! Life wasn’t as dignified as what this charming lady had hoped for, but all that changed for the better when she was rescued in a poor condition: mangy, underweight and feeling really sorry for herself. With love and veterinary attention, Ivey flourished and the sparkle returned in her eyes: she’s a far cry from the dishevelled dog we first met. Ivey would make a superb sidekick: a day spent by your side is a day well spent! Smart, affectionate and keen to please, Ivey is always ready to go and gets on well with other dogs she can interact with. Her dreams are filled with wishes for love and belly rubs from a family of her very own. Ivey would love for you to be her favourite person!