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My beautiful Fazoozle, my baby, my darling, my meisie. I will love you forever and beyond. You were my friend, my heart, my soul. When you left that morning on 30 August so suddenly, I wasn’t prepared for it, you ripped a piece of my heart and soul out and took it with you. Rest peacefully my baby girl and chase those rats in the store rooms of Heaven. Bark to your heart’s desire and nudge Jesus’s hand to give you those much loved belly rubs and bum smacks. I made a special request for you to have your own double bed and a na-na every evening after dinner, but remember to sit up and beg just like you did before. Mousie mourns you as much as I do, but Molly comforts him and plays with him like you used to. Chase the haddedas on the lawns of Heaven and lie in the puddles of the river of life!! Till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge my Fud, run free and know you will never, ever be forgotten!!