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Unconditional love is just a click away! Complete an online Adoption Questionnaire here and one of our Cattery Crew will be in touch to arrange the next step to get me home to you.


Do you want to help a rescue cat in a shelter, but cannot adopt? Why not consider sponsoring a kitty at TEARS Animal Rescue for a month while waiting for their forever family? Your R500 sponsorship will help cover the food, kenneling, monthly worming, flea and tick treatment and some creature comforts!

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Brett is a handsome brown and white tabby male.  He loves attention and adores people.  Brett has a soft, sweet meow and looks at visitors with big eyes.  He just looks so adorable.  He loves a good scratch behind the ears and a head rub.  He loves playing with toys attached to shoelaces (or just your shoelaces!).  He is a bit shy around other cats.  His loving gaze is enough to soften the hardest heart.  How can you look into those bit, beautiful eyes and not fall in love?