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Never forgotten. Your nobility and soppiness lives on in my first rescue dog, Oscar de la Hoya, who in turn got me wondering how many other Boxers in crisis, with Boxer Rescue South Africa Oscar’s consequent legacy. Sorry humans failed you more than once, “Azzie”, being beaten over finishing lines that saw you a champion sprinter. At least your true beauty was later allowed to come to the fore when you scooped trophies in the show ring. You were the only furkid I ever rehomed, when I went abroad several years. Your subsequent owner rehomed you years on and I am so very sorry that your next human, an ignorant farmer, DIY shod you such that you could not walk several months. Destiny when I soon thereafter found you in the very town where I was working, rescued and forevermore in safe arms. You were loved by many, old carrot chopper. X Mommy