Vondi’s Ostrich Knuckles Small x2

R44.00 inclusive of VAT


A hard, long-lasting chew – 100% natural chew made from gently dried ostrich bones

Why was the Ostrich kicked out of the chicken coup…?

He was ostrich-sized.

Keep your fur babies stomach in good working order with raw bones. It’s beneficial for your paw pals digestive tract as it offers a cleansing and scouring effect on their system.

Ostrich knuckles are great go-to chew and our dried version is perfect and safe for your fur friend. A 100% natural chew made from gently dried ostrich bones.

Chewing is a fur baby’s natural instinct at work. Rather than nurturing it with factory-made plastic substitutes why not treat your paw pal to the delicious delicacy that is a quality dried raw bone.

Your furry friend is guaranteed to love our ostrich knuckles yummy taste and the mental stimulation. Plus, all that chewing is a wonderful workout for any furry family’s jaw muscles.





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