VONDIS OM3 Omega Oil – 200ml

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Vondi’s Natural Skin and Joint Remedies is preservative, mercury and alcohol free. Our Om3 Omega Fish Oil is a natural high concentrate and a source of highly nutritive omega 3 for your pet’s skin and joints.

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VONDIS OM3 Pet Omega Oil – 200ml

Did you know that fish commonly provides the best nutritional value at the highest concentrations of all meats? That is impressive enough, but the nutrients in fish are also more bioavailable than competing sources.


Pet Omega – Why fish oil?


So what is it about fish meat that makes it such a healthy source of nutrients? For the most part, it is the composition such as with the omega oils that Vondis sources for our VONDIS OM3 Omega Oil.


A powerful remedy for skin and joint ailments


The benefits of fish extend past simply the dietary value they offer. Fish oil extracts, such as omega oils, are also perfectly balanced. That makes VONDIS OM3 Omega Oil one of the most powerful skin and joint remedies.


The right omegas


Vondi’s Natural Skin and Joint Remedies is preservative, mercury and alcohol-free. In addition, our Om3 Omega Fish Oil is a naturally high concentrate and a source of omega 3. However, it is that omega-3 that packs the real punch.


Omega 3 over omega 6


In our holistic approach to animal health, we believe in balance. That is because science confirms the relationship between omega 3 and 6. Both are important to ensure your pup has a healthy immune system.


Omega 6 can cause inflammation, whereas omega-3 directly combats inflammation. We take advantage of this relationship to maximise the anti-inflammatory properties of VONDIS OM3 Omega Oil – 200ml


VONDIS OM3 Pet Omega Oil


A higher percentage of Omega 3 than other similar products make VONDIS OM3 Omega Oil a powerful tool in keeping your pet healthy. Furthermore, many competing products use alcohol in their production process.


As we all know, thanks to strict hand sanitising policies in recent years, alcohol is not great for skin health. Furthermore, our offering is free of mercury and other harmful heavy metals.


Be prepared for everything. Stock up on VONDIS OM3 Omega Oil and combat skin inflammation before it causes serious health problems. Give your dog the very best in anti-inflammation skin treatments.




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