Vondis Beef Liver Bites

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Beef Liver Biltong Bite Size – 100g

Our bite size biltong allows smaller dogs the same enjoyment as their larger brethren get from this traditionally South African treat. Our special bite-size biltong is prepared without the use of chemicals or harmful seasoning.

Instead, what your pup gets is a genuinely healthy treat that is so tasty, it makes for the perfect tool in positive reinforcement training. Your pups might not get enough of VONDIs special bite-sized biltong snacks. Still, you will have to put some lenient restrictions in place because of the high natural iron content.

Aside from being effective as a training tool, it is also a great way to get your pup’s attention and get them to come over to you. Everyone thinks it’s a thing only cats do. Inexperienced pet parents know better. If your dog is adamantly ignoring you, present a treat without getting up so that they can learn to respond when you call their name.

Our entire range contains absolutely no preservatives. Our fundamental belief is that raw treats are the most effective options for a healthy, happy pet. Therefore, the majority of our treats remain raw and are simply dried.

We think of treats as an addition to our pet’s diet. They get rewarded with something when they behave well or learn a new trick. Unfortunately, chewy treats don’t factor into our pet’s daily dietary plans. However, chewy treats serve a major purpose in your dog’s diet because they help maintain dental health.

Don’t forget. Our treats are also:

  • High in bioavailable protein
  • Responsibly grown and sourced
  • Grain- and wheat-free for the occasion that a pet has intolerances
  • We strive to keep our pricing as reasonable as possible to help every pet owner give their pets all they deserve.

Our treats contain no artificial additives, giving you the peace of mind that your dog or cat is getting the best nutrition possible. After all, VONDIi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition is registered nutritional pet food.

It is natural, wholesome, and free of preservatives. In addition, we have an amazing range of snacks to suit the palate of even the most discerning pups.




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