Vondi’s Beef Flats x2

R39.00 inclusive of VAT


Hard Sinewy Treat – Made of beef paddy wax, enjoyable treat for all dogs

Feeling guilty for leaving your fur baby behind in your 8-5 work week; do you picture them sulking and heartbroken wondering when you’ll be home? We all know an hour to us feels like days to our love filled furry friend.

Why not make it up to them and surprise them with this tasty classic. Like many other of our products this treat is made of beef paddy wax and you don’t have to worry about finding an individualistic snack as our beef flats are an enjoyable treat for all fur babies.

This treat is a good crunchy chew that is low in fat and 100% digestible despite its texture and is a healthy alternative to bleached & chemically treated rawhides.

What better way to say “I’m sorry!” on a workday afternoon than to surprise your loved one with snout smacking delicious beef based chewy




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