VetsBrands Senior Dog Food

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VetsBrands Senior Dog Food is formulated to meet and exceed the requirements of senior dogs with a pampered lifestyle.


  • Balanced protein of exceptional imported quality and digestibility assures a positive amino acid uptake and muscle retention without overloading kidney function.
  • The sole use of unique Bovine free High DHA, EPA oil and fat reduces the need for high levels of fat inclusion to prevent sedentary obesity whilst ensuring effective kidney, heart, joint and skin health.
  • The addition of Chitosan further support kidney health by absorbing phosphates whilst the unique addition of Green Lipped mussel extract reduces pain and inflammation in older dogs prone to joint disease
  • High levels of DHA and EPA with the addition of L-Carnitine and Taurine improves heart and brain function thereby preventing early dementia
  • High levels of Sugar Beet Pulp allows for higher fibre and stimulates digestion ensuring the prevention of obesity and supporting small firm stool formation.

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