The Low-Carb by Sally-Ann Creed


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A practical, easy-to-follow guide to low-carb eating, simple enough to fit in with any lifestyle

Ideal for both seasoned Low-Carb, Healthy Fat (LCHF) enthusiasts and new converts alike, The Low-Carb, Healthy Fat Bible is the ideal introduction and guide to the low-carb revolution that is radically improving the health of tens of thousands throughout the world.

Like so many others, Sally-Ann Creed spent decades attempting to navigate the maze of health, lifestyle and diet misinformation, all the while suffering from various chronic illnesses. Helped finally by Dr Robbie Simons, Creed now leads a healthy, happy life and is a pioneer of the Low-Carb, Healthy Fat (LCHF) lifestyle. In this beautifully illustrated and designed book, Creed delivers her LCHF manifesto: a simple, clear and practical guide to hunger-free weight loss and improved health.

At its heart is an emphasis on delicious, straightforward meals cooked from scratch, in the place of nutritionally deficient processed foods. Presenting the science behind nutrition in easily understandable terms, Creed debunks many widely-believed nutrition myths, showing, among other things, why eating fat doesn’t make you fat, why cholesterol does not clog arteries, and why butter is healthier than margarine.