The Lekker Barkery Chewy Beef Drumsticks

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Our Beef Drumsticks are amazing boredom buster chews. They are 100% beef protein.

  • A single protein
  • High in protein (including elastin proteins and collagen)
  • A natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Helps curb boredom and encourages the release of endorphins, which help to naturally sooth and calm
  • Helps in the development of strong jaw muscles
  • Helps clean teeth


Handmade, Beef Chews for Dogs

The Lekker Barkery chews are great for using as rewards and boredom breaking for the canine furkid. The beef drumstick is a popular boredom buster keeping the furkids busy and the jaws and teeth fully engaged. They are heat dried and only certified meat is used. Our products are hand crafted with much love and care.

Additional Information

Ingredients:  Beef Achillies Tendon with attached marrow bone lightly cured to protect the marrow bone from mould. These are sold as single items and are not packaged.


Do not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake with treats.  Feed as a supplement and treat, not as a replacement of meals. Overfeeding of high protein treats can cause  stomach upset.

Always supervise pets when feeding treats and always provide fresh drinking water to aid digestion.

Feeding Guideline

SMALLBREED         (4—10 kg)       *1 stick per/week
MEDIUM BREED    (11 –25kg)         2-3 sticks p/week
LARGE BREED        (over 25kg)      *3-4 sticks p/week

* Beef drumsticks are better suited to small breeds over 4kgs. If your large breed is a gulper, monitor the chewing of the marrow bone.

Life Stages 

*puppy/adult/senior (*from 16 weeks and over 4kgs)

Calorie Content 

APPROXIMATE  kcal per 100g stick (average stick weight):  60


Feed within 6 months of packed date and store in a cool dry place. Alternatively freeze before expiry to preserve. Only defrost what  is consumed.    Not intended for human consumption

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