Shine A Light – Corrine Wilson in conversation with Ingrid De Storie


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Special note from the author: TEARS Animal Rescue was very much a part of this story. Thank you for everything you do, love Corrine.

Shine a Light tells the story of two women, Corrine and Ingrid, who
at the outset seem worlds apart, separated by the deep chasm of South Africa’s dark history. But as they traverse one of the most dangerous communities in Cape Town in search of vulnerable animals, they discover they are more similar than they are different.
While the narrative winds its way along the troubled streets, it becomes clear how animals provide a unique platform for dialogue and, in turn, healing. Through Ingrid’s eyes, and in conversations with people who would never have otherwise spoken – gangsters,
drug dealers and addicts –Corrine slowly begins to feel her perceptions waver when she learns that behind every broken animal is a broken human, and just because someone can speak, it does not guarantee them a voice. Heartfelt and brutally honest Shine a Light offers a compelling and searching look at rediscovering
our shared humanity.