Karoo Sensitive Gut Health Adult Dog – Turkey & Lamb

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A diet for dogs with real turkey, lamb and brown rice to support sentitive gut health.


Seven key benefits for High Digestibility & Healthy Microbiome:

Appetite Stimulant: Whole Egg Powder
A rich source of high-quality protein and ideally balanced amino acids, it provides an abundance of nutrition and digestive support.

Intestinal Support: Zeolite
Improves the absorption of nutrients and boosts the immune system’s efficiency by trapping and removing heavy metals, improving the integrity of the intestinal barrier.

Antioxidant: Milk Thistle
Primarily aids the liver and digestive system in eliminating harmful toxins by inhibiting cell-damaging enzymes.

Digestive Enzyme: Bromelain
Is a protein-digesting enzyme that aids nutrient absorption, supports optimum digestion and cultivates a healthy gut.

Gut Health: Prebiotics
Selectively fermented ingredients that transform the composition and activity of the gastrointestinal microbiota, stimulating the growth of probiotics in the gut.

Intestinal Flora: Probiotics
Bacillus subtillus PB6 increases good gut bacteria, improves nutrient absorption and strengthens the immune system.

Natural Antioxidant: Rosemary
Neutralises cell-damaging free radicals in the metabolic system and supports the immune system.

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