Karoo Metabolic Diet & Sterilised Cat – Duck & Lamb

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A metabolic diet for cats with real duck, lamb and brown rice to support sterilised cats.


Seven key benefits for Metabolism, Cardiac Health & Blood Sugar Control for cats:

Metabolism Stimulation: Unique Dietary Fibre
Psyllium husks, pea fibre, beet pulp, inulin and cellulose facilitate the dilution of food energy, accelerate intestinal transit time and ensure satisfaction at the end of a meal.

Fat Burner: L-Carnitine
Stimulates lipolysis – the conversion of fat into energy – supporting the lifestyle of sterilised cats by maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Protective Gastric Coating: Kaolin
A naturally hydrated aluminium silicate which absorbs bacteria and toxins while reducing water loss to prevent dehydration.

Single-Grain: Brown Rice
A low glycaemic, whole-grain carbohydrate, rich in antioxidants and fibre that supports blood-sugar metabolism.

Cardiac Support: Whole Egg Powder
Provides monounsaturated fats for a healthy heart and polyunsaturated fats, including omega-3 fatty acids, to support the brain, nervous system and cardiac health.

Reinforced Natural Defences: Freeze-Dried Melon Juice & Nutritional Yeast
Inactivated yeast balances the immune system, while freeze-dried melon juice and pulp protect cells from free radicals, supporting well-being and anti-ageing of the immune system.

Urinary Tract Health: DL-Methionine & Low Dietary Magnesium Levels
Lower dietary magnesium levels with added natural amino acid DL-Methionine, maintain a reduced urinary pH and stimulate water consumption, dilute urine and lower the risk of struvite crystals in the kidneys.

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