Lester Venter When Mandela Goes


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South Africa’s transition to democracy was one of the remarkable events of the second half of the twentieth century – and it produced one of our era’s most remarkable figures, Nelson Mandela. But what comes next? When the magic of Mandela is no longer here, will the dream live on or will it become a nightmare? What will life be like in the new society? What is the future for politics, the economy, jobs, crime, education, health services and the environment?

In the world today the wideninig chasm between the privileged and the desperate is reaching crisis point. It is casting a dark shadow over the dawn of the new century. South Africa will be a focused microcosm of the international tnesion between the rich and the poor.

This controversial book spells out the future for South Africa. Lester venter’s depiction of tomorrow reveals the silent dynamics that are inexorably shaping the future: the end of old racial stereotypes and the rise of a society where a minority will be under growing threat from the exploding numbers of the unskiled, unhoused, unemployed, unhappy masses .. the un-people.