Kunduchi Super Catnip Bag 40g

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Kunduchi Super Catnip is a non-addictive herb that sends most cats into states of kittenish, friskiness and euphoria. Super Catnip can be spread on the ground, or a simple toy can be made by filling a sock, or cloth pouch with the herb for ultimate feline fun. Super Catnip is beneficial to sedentary cats, or those living indoors keeping them active and exercised. Super Catnip can also be used to comfort sick or anxious cats that may be recovering from surgery or getting used to a new home.

1 review for Kunduchi Super Catnip Bag 40g

  1. Annabé Maritz (verified owner)

    My cat, Zander’s favourite catnip ! He loves to eat it but loves it more to roll in it. The Kunduchi catnip is always fresh and affordable. I used to buy other name brands but it seems Zander prefers Kunduchi. There is always Kunduchi catnip in this house. Love the product because the cat is happy.
    Thank you TEARS for delivery and the excellent service. GODD bless.

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