GCS Advanced Powder Dog Joint Supplement – 250g

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GCS Advanced Powder Dog Joint Supplement is a unique blend of 6 key active ingredients that help dogs and cats with stiff and sore joints.

Highly palatable powder supplement that supports joint health in dogs. Formulated with 6 active ingredients to help manage pain & inflammation, as well as repair and regenerate damaged joints.

Can be administered directly over food, after the initial 3 weeks the dose can be halved for long term use.

GCS-Dog joint care advanced Powder

  • A nutritional supplement that supports joint health in dogs
  • It is a proprietary blend of 6 active ingredients which work together to support joint health in dogs.
  • It can be used in young adults and adolescent dogs which are in the high -risk category for the development of degenerative joint conditions as they grow older.
  • Dosage depends on weight of the dog, <10kg 1 scoop; >31-45kg 4 scoops


For initiation of treatment, double the dose for the first 3 weeks. One heaped scoop is equivalent to 5 g. Administer as per below dosage table or as prescribed by your veterinarian. The amount administered can be adjusted to meet the dog’s specific needs.


Store sealed at or below 25°C in a dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children, uniformed persons and animals.




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