Donate to Feed Hungry Pets: Montego Classic Kitten Food

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Buy a bag of food for at-risk pets in vulnerable communities

Following the economic impact on low income communities, TEARS Animal Rescue has launched a COVID-19 Pet Food Appeal for pet food in response to the increase in requests from pet owners living in vulnerable communities as they struggle to feed their pets. You can help by purchasing food from the TEARS Online Shop for TEARS to distribute in vulnerable communities.

We cannot underestimate the impact that the COVID-19 Lockdown is having on at-risk companion animals in low income communities, and have therefore launched an appeal to address what is fast becoming an animal welfare crisis. The reality is that many people have lost their source of income, been retrenched or been placed on unpaid leave, which has dire consequences on the people living on or near the breadline. TEARS is receiving dozens of pleas for help from financially compromised pet owners who say they won’t be able to feed or look after their pets over the coming weeks. Based on our experience, and as conditions continue to deteriorate, we expect to see a massive increase in the number of cats and dogs being surrendered, abandoned or left to starve as owners struggle to feed their own families.

Registered as an essential service during the Lockdown, and with its established infrastructure and operational footprint in low income communities in the Southern Peninsula of the Western Cape (namely Vrygrond, Ocean View, Redhill, and Masiphumelele), TEARS Animal Rescue is able to assist sick, injured and stray pets as well as distribute the pet food donations it receives to address the most critical needs in the communities it serves.

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