2024 Sleepathon Cat Survival Pack

R220.00 inclusive of VAT

The Sleepathon Cat Survival Pack includes: Treatz for Cats 80g, 1 packet Juicy Bites, Lemon Bubble ‘Nip Toy, Cat Wand, 40g Catnip and a Blanket


Your Survival Packs will be collected at checkin on the night of your selected Sleepathon date. 

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  • Don’t forget your Sleepathon Survival Packs!

When you are heading to the Sleepathon to catnap with the cats, you are making a kitty’s dream come true!

** The items may be different from those pictures, but either way, your bunk mate will be over the moon with the extra goodies.
All merch items and Sleepathon Survival Packs will be collected at Check-in of your Sleepathon. **

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16November, 23 November, 30 November


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