Success Stories

We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

Phoebe’s Total Transformation

Little Phoebe was surrendered to TEARS Animal Rescue from Overcome Heights in Vrygrond. The owners didn’t want her anymore because she was losing all of her hair. This poor, frightened girl lost her home at only 6-weeks old.

Phoebe must have been scared and quite uncomfortable with her skin’s condition. Quickly, she melted our hearts. A naturally friendly, trusting puppy, the attention she was getting got her tail wagging immediately.

Upon examination, the TEARS Welfare Clinic diagnosed her with a severe case of demodectic mange with a secondary bacterial and yeast infection. She was also suffering from severe protein malnutrition causing muscle wasting and a bad infection of intestinal worms. All of this together resulted in a hugely distended pot-bellied, itchy and uncomfortable little pup.

Treatment began immediately. Phoebe was given parasiticides for the mange mites and worms. She took anti-inflammatories and antibiotics for the dermatitis. Twice per week, Phoebe had a medicated bath for her skin. She ate Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Healthy Development three times per day to give her a boost and help her gain weight.

This little girl has comes leaps and bounds since her arrival. At approximately 10-weeks old now, she is almost unrecognisable as the pot-bellied, balding puppies that arrived. Her hair is growing back nicely and she is beautiful! He is confident, sweet, energetic and lovable.

This lucky girl has been in a foster home during the Lockdown and is flourishing. Her foster family is completely besotted with Miss Phoebe. Not only have Phoebe’s dreams come true but so have the dreams of her new family.

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