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TEARS/Hill’s Pay-For-A-Spay Challenge

Sponsored Sterilisations

TEARS advocates sterilisation – we believe the best way to prevent thousands of pets from suffering, is by sterilising one.

TEARS Animal Rescue is a pro-life, non-profit organization whose core aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and cats. But we’re not just your average animal shelter – we also have a welfare Veterinary Clinic which offers subsidized veterinary care and support, free sterilisations and a lifeline to pets and their people residing in the low-income communities we serve in the Southern Peninsula, as well as to feral cat colonies across the Western Cape.

Countless companion animals are born to endure a life of suffering or neglect and thousands end up in the shelter system, waiting for their chance at a happy ever after. Through our Veterinary Clinic, we see a lot of suffering and despair that could have been prevented if more pets were sterilised, therefore the TEARS Clinic’s core focus is on sterilisation to alleviate the negative effects of pet overpopulation. In six years, two cats and their offspring can produce over 70 000 kittens and two dogs can multiply to over 65 000! Spaying and neutering is a relatively quick surgical procedure, with a long-lasting impact on animal welfare.



Feral cats, although wild, are largely dependent on people and feral cat colonies can multiply to unhealthy proportions if left without intervention. The TEARS Feral Cat Project implements a Trap-Neuter-Return policy; feral cat colonies all over the Western Cape are humanely trapped, brought through to our clinic, receive a health check, are sterilised and then released back to their original home. Populations are supervised, fed and monitored by colony caregivers to ensure the wellbeing of the cats.



During our last financial year (March 2016 – Feb 2017), the TEARS Clinic has sterilised 2034 dogs and cats for free. But times are tough and we have been financially unable to continue offering the service free of charge. Hill’s Pet Nutrition echoes our sterilisation sentiments, has sponsored 143 pets to be spayed or neutered and challenges other businesses and individuals to do the same – play their part in the solution to end companion animal suffering. The extreme need associated with animal welfare is often overwhelming, but sponsoring a sterilisation for R350 will make an immediate impact.


You can also make a difference!


Just R350 will cover the cost of a sterilisation and bring an end to pet overpopulation a step closer. Be a part of the solution, Pay-For-A-Spay and make a difference – not only today, but for the future of animal welfare.

Donate via GivenGain

Easily make a donation anywhere in the world using our GivenGain account! Visit our Pay-For-A-Spay campaign for more information.

Donate via EFT

Use our banking details to donate directly into the TEARS bank account – please use “Pay-For-A-Spay” as a reference.

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Fish Hoek
Branch Code: 036 009
Account Name: TEARS
Account Number: 07 389 0618
SWIFT Code: SBZAZAJJ (Use SWIFT code for international payments)

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