Feral Cat Stories

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Partnering with the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust

TEARS Animal Rescue is one of the leading organisations in the sterilisation and management of Feral Cats in the Western Cape, and our Feral Cat Project aims to reduce feral cat populations and enhance the lives of feral cat colonies through a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programme. TNR represents an effective solution for feral cats by stabilising colonies, improving the cats’ wellbeing and saving lives through veterinary care and sterilisations. Education is also crucial to enlighten affected people about the benefits of feral colonies in society, and the need for cats to remain in their colonies, and not be exterminated, but rather sterilised and monitored.

The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust in Scotland has been supporting TEARS since 2001, providing Grants for our projects, and in 2007 granted funding for the establishment of our Feral Cat Sterilisation Clinic on Wenga Farm, which is also home to our rescued cats. At our two registered clinics, we sterilise approximately 250 feral cats a month, and, with the help of volunteers, monitor and feed countless feral cats in their colonies.

A further generous Grant from The Marchig Trust received recently for our Feral Cat Project, will enable us to sustain our vital programme, helping to alleviate the suffering of cats, through sterilisation and monitoring of the ever-increasing number of feral colonies and community cats (free roaming cats in vulnerable communities). The most welcome gift will enable us to:

🐾 Sterilise 1 920 cats, as well as providing parasite control and rabies vaccinations
🐾 Randomly test compromised cats for feline aids and leukaemia
🐾 Keep our Feral Cat Project vehicle on the road, through funding for our fuel costs

We are most proud of our association with The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, (www.marchigtrust.org) and extremely grateful for this further Grant, which will make a meaningful difference to the lives of so many feral cats in the Western Cape.

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