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Become a Change Leader in the animal rescue sector

A corporate partnership with TEARS can help you fulfil your corporate social responsibility objectives and give you great exposure.

TEARS has a proud 20-year history of serving  animals and their guardians in local communities, which represents a significant amount of goodwill that’s associated with the TEARS Brand and it’s partners.

Furthermore TEARS provides a tax deductible Corporate Social Investment vehicle that delivers an impactful and measurable CSI Partnership designed around one of the organisation’s five organisational pillars: veterinary and healthcare, education and outreach, rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming.

We offer a wide portfolio of sponsorship and fundraising opportunities to you and your company. At TEARS, we work hard to make sure our corporate partnerships are measurable and deliver tangible value back to the sponsor.

We build strong relationships with our partners, and ensure that aligning with us has several clear business benefits. Your generous support will enable us to continue to minimise homelessness, suffering and neglect of companion animals in the South Peninsula’s poorest communities.

Contact Our Team

Lauren Carlyle

General Manager

021 785 4482

How Your Company can help the Helpless

monthly donations

Monthly gift of Giving

Your monthly donation enables us to keep rescuing, treating, sterilising, rehabilitating and rehoming vulnerable animals that experience intolerable levels of neglect and suffering in the many low-income communities within which we operate.

Make a difference each month to the lives of hundreds of animals in need of treatment and rescue. Help reach those animals who need it most.


Sponsor a Special Project

Special Projects allow us to reach more animals, improve the lives of animals in our care as well as carry out life changing programmes that change lives.

Such projects include the TEARS Feral Cat project, which traps, sterilises and returns feral cats to their colonies. Humane Education Programmes reach and teach children in low-income communities how to care for animals, prevent disease and become responsible pet owners. Get in touch with us today to find out how your company can assist.

Fundraise for Animals

Team Building Fundraisers make for great staff goodwill projects and create positive staff morale while raising much needed funds for animals in distress. Host a Company Fundraising event or launch a campaign to raise funds. Click here for more info


Donate Products or Services

Our animals welcome all sorts of gifts from toys and food to blankets and hot water bottles. Nothing is too small for the approximately 300 animals in our care. Be the change you want to see in the world and make a donation today.

Our Partners

In partnership with

What you can expect from us

  • Our team will help you find the right sponsorship package or create the best fundraising initiative to meet your objectives.
  • Joint marketing initiatives can provide press and social media coverage to promote your company and publicise your support of TEARS.
  • Partnering with us can increase your brand awareness and equity by being associated with an impactful animal outreach programme.