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Our Skye’s the Limit!

Beautiful Skye is a man for all seasons. At the Cattery, he was resident in our feral cat section. To begin with, he seemed to fit the description of ‘feral’ as he kept to himself and shied away from people.

Rob came to TEARS Animal Rescue in 2020 with the intention of adopting Skye. He had noticed him online and, having lost his dear cat, Jimmy, he had been struck by how much Skye reminded him of Jimmy. He met Skye and there was immediate mutual understanding.

However, Rob looked through the Cattery while he was there and everyone was blown away when he met Brian because Brian ran to greet him. Now, if you knew Brian, you would know that this was completely unusual behaviour. It was clear that Brian had chosen Rob as the love of his life. Rob was disappointed (as was Skye) that Skye was not going home with him, but delighted to give Brian probably his only opportunity of bonding with a human.

Not too long after, once Brian had settled in at home, Rob returned and adopted Zuki who was renamed Geoffrey. After some time, Brian and Zuki finally struck up an incredibly close friendship. All the while, Skye was still at TEARS.

Not long ago, we were all shocked and saddened when Brian suffered a heart attack and passed away very suddenly. Rob decided that the best way to honour Brian was to give another cat a home. Of course, Skye was top of the list and he was adopted.

Once Skye had been there for a couple of weeks, the introduction went beautifully and Geoffrey and Skye are now best buddies. Skye is feeling secure enough to show is soft side.

It just goes to show that the cats who hide at the back, who are seldom seen because of the more confident cats bowling them over in their hurry to meet new people, or are shy or afraid, are often the ones who become most content and loving once in a safe and happy environment.

Not all cats show their best side in the Cattery situation as it is an unnatural surrounding for them. We do hope more people will look further and give a deserving older, shyer, quieter cat the love, time and attention it may require to blossom to their full potential.

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