Success Stories

We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

Nikolai Was Rescued in the Nick of Time

Poor Nikolai has been waiting for his chance at TEARS for some time. With desperation reaching a peak, TEARS has been forced to place animals in need of rescue onto a waiting list as we simply do not have space to accommodate them. Nikolai was one of the vulnerable pets on the waiting list, biding his time and not yet knowing that a brighter future was just around the corner.

TEARS was made aware of Nikolai’s plight when 1 Kennel at a Time was approached looking for help for him. Nikolai’s owners were no longer able to feed their pets and were ready to surrender him. While on the waiting list, TEARS has been feeding Nikolai to help ease the burden for his family and to start supplying little Nikolai with some quality calories.

Nikolai lived his life on a short chain and has never known a substantial meal or experienced a walk around the block. Luckily, his owners knew he was meant for more and Nikolai’s space at TEARS opened up. Upon his arrival, this sweet boy went straight to the TEARS Veterinary Clinic for an evaluation. Found to be underweight, malnourished and suffering with Ehrlichia and pressure sores as a result of being chained. Nikolai was placed onto a strict dietary regiment of Hill’s to help return him to health and give him the proper nutrients in order to support the treatment process.

Nikolai is now ready to be adopted and looking for an emotionally secure, mutually satisfying, low-maintenance relationship. He is all you need. Let him sit at your feet, walk by your side, and he will be your devoted companion forever.

Thanks to your support of the TEARS Veterinary Outreach and the TEARS Feed Hungry Pets Programmes, Nikolai has been able to wait for his spot to open at TEARS. He remains in the clinic while he is healing but we are so excited to move him into rehabilitation with the Kennel Team where he will be able to flourish, experience being a dog and finally to find his home. 

You can support Nikolai’s journey by donating to TEARS Veterinary Outreach or support dogs and cats that are waiting for a place in TEARS or are hoping for a good meal by donating to the TEARS Feed Hungry Pets Campaign

On behalf of Nikolai, we thank you for caring about dogs and cats who deserve more.