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TEARS Newsletter June/July 2018

This month’s TEARS Animal Rescue Hero is TV presenter, radio host and animal lover Zoë Brown. Zoë is no stranger to TEARS, as she’s supported many TEARS fundraising and volunteer events in the past including our annual TEARS Sleepathon.

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TEARS Newsletter October 2016

October brings with it two animal welfare days concerning a couple of the most misunderstood creatures people come into contact with: pitbulls and feral cats. In this edition of the newsletter we address some of the biggest myths around these animals. We also look at some kittens in desperate need of homes, highlight some of our upcoming events, and end with a little dose of inspiration.

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TEARS Newsletter May 2016

TEARS Animal Rescue has had one of the most interesting months in its history. One small kitten – brought into our organisation through our Feral Cat Project and at first thought to be either a Devon Rex or suffering from a skin disease – turned out to belong to the rarest Advanced New Breed in the world. A Lykoi; the only natural-born Lykoi on record in SA and the 35th in the world. We can’t wait for you to read more about it here as well as other stories for this month.

TEARS Newsletter Autumn 2017

One of the best things about a change of season is that you and the furkids get to shake things up and turn the boring old routine that was summer into brand new activities and goodies that make for a whole new set of memories. To get you started, we’ve put together a virtual box of autumn doodads for dogs and autumn contraptions for cats to get the inspiration going.

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TEARS Newsletter August 2016

Our August newsletter is all about touch, more particularly how it can help humans and animals rescue each other. While the science backs this up, you only had to be at our last sleepathon to notice the impact a little contact had on our four-legged friends andd their two-legged guests alike.

This edition also contains an update on Gemma, the dog no one wanted to touch, introduce you to Blake, who’s been desperately looking for a new home for 10 months, and tell you the inspirational story of Daisy the retriever who saved hundreds of lves on 9/11.

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TEARS Newsletter April 2016

TEARS April Newsletter

Welcome to TEARS newsletter autumn edition. As temperatures drop, our minds turn to home; to glowing heaters and crackling fires, cosy socks and warm blankets, hot winter puddings and cuddles on the couch. So we’ve put together a ‘home’ edition: beginning with a rather chilly exploration of the present state of home and homelessness for … Continue reading TEARS April Newsletter

TEARS Newsletter December 2016

It’s December. For all of us, TEARS included, that means a chance to reflect on the past 12 months and think about the areas we could have done better in. In this, our final newsletter for the year, we do precisely that. We also take a look at why, as hard as we work, the issue of animal abuse and abandonment continues to grow (making your contributions that much more vital).
We also share some of our biggest success stories from the year gone by and give your canine friends some tips for dealing with you over the festive season.

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TEARS Newsletter July 2016

In this July issue of the TEARS Newstter, we share with you the reasons why animals are admitted to our care – the overriding cause, and the statistics, might surprise you.

We also bring you our Yellow Ribbon Drive, which will have you humming Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree. Please note the article comes with a tissue warning.

With thoughts turned to adoption, we ask how important breed really is and share our recommendations for humane dog training.

It’s a bumper issue that reflects life as it presently is at TEARS: madly busy, full of hope and forward movement.

Please join us for the journey – we’d love to have you along.

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TEARS Newsletter March 2016

Anyone who subscribes to our newsletter knows that we like to include as many good-news stories as possible. It’s heat-warming to see animals find loving homes after having to deal with incredibly dire circumstances and it’s an important part of what we do. But it’s just as important for us to share the reality of how animals get to the stage where they need to come to us in the first place.

That’s why, in this the March issue of the TEARS newsletter, we’re sharing some of the stories of sadistic cruelty and mindless neglect of animals who suffer as a result of human ignorance. We also look at the difference between guardianship and ownership and underline why prevention is almost always better than cure. Finally, we take a look at New Zealand’s stunning new animal rights law.

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TEARS Newsletter November 2016

Here at TEARS, we like to refer to our November newsletter as “the angel edition”. It’s a celebration of all the beautiful animal souls who come into our care on a daily basis, as well as the human souls who so generously contribute their time, expertise, and money.
There is a real Angel in this newsletter too. She doesn’t have wings or a halo though. Instead she has a seat on a DIY trolley pushed around by her devoted guardian Adam

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TEARS Newsletter June 2016

In this, the June edition of the TEARS newsletter, we celebrate the community on which we are so dependent on. That seems particularly apt as we get ready – with banners, cupcakes, tins of paint and bags of blankets and food –  celebrate the Mandela Day month in July. Never was there a greater proponent of the power of community unified around a common cause, than Nelson Mandela himself.

Read more about what we’ve got planned for the month, as well as some incredible transformations, and our “Mother of Many Puppies” here.

TEARS Newsletter February 2016

The most common issue that affects the animals brought in to us here at TEARS is malnutrition. In some cases, that means supplementing the diets of animals that have fallen on hard times. In others, however, it means rehabilitating the underweight or skin-and-bone frames of animals who will eventually find loving homes through the efforts of our organisation.
In this, the February edition, we explore the challenge of malnutrition that SA animal welfare faces, because so often it is the more sensational cases of cruelty that make the headlines – as they should – but the numbers of dogs and cats suffering as a result of starvation is staggering.
But we also show off the revamped feral cat van and tell you a little bit about our upcoming sleepout.

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