MySchool’s Impact: How Emma Found Hope and Healing

Rescued from the neighbouring under-resourced community of Masiphumelele, Emma's journey to recovery began when her owners surrendered her to the TEARS Mobile Clinic. Neglected, emaciated and suffering from severe dermatitis caused by an infestation of ticks and fleas, Emma arrived at TEARS crushed both in body and spirit. Compounding her malnutrition and the discomfort caused by her inflamed and itchy skin was the presence of Ehrlichia, a life-threatening tick-borne disease.


Despite initially displaying signs of resignation and hopelessness, Emma's spirit began to rekindle with the help of tender loving care and veterinary support from the TEARS Veterinary Hospital and Kennel teams. Her parasite infection was swiftly overcome by Bravecto, enabling her to experience much-needed relief from the constant skin irritation and inflammation. In addition, Emma was treated with antibiotics to combat her Ehrlichia infection, leading to notable improvements in her overall health, as well as medicated baths to soothe and repair her damaged skin. To aid in skin healing and strengthen her skin barrier, Emma’s nutritional diet became an essential part of her overall recovery. Thanks to  Hill's Prescription Diet Derm Complete, she has grown stronger and healthier, and we are finally seeing her true personality starting to emerge. A gentle wag of her tail accompanies her subtle nudges for more attention, revealing glimpses of her endearing nature. 


Any animal’s journey from physical and emotional devastation takes time. Still, Emma’s affirming licks and tail-wags confirm that she has turned the corner and is well on her way to a full recovery. Thanks to the support TEARS receives from MySchool donors, Emma will experience her deserved “second chance” and go on to be rehomed with a TEARS adoption family who can offer her the “happily ever after” every pet deserves. 


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We are immensely grateful to MySchool for their recent sponsorship, enabling much-needed renovations to the TEARS Veterinary Hospital. With the addition of a new surgical wing, we can now sterilise, assess and treat even more companion animals in need. 


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