Success Stories

We love turning hopelessness to Hope.  Healing Hearts one at a time. 

Miracle Mushu

Mushu came to TEARS on the 23rd of December with horrific open wounds that had been inflicted on him by his littermates.

TEARS first met Mushu when his owners brought the entire litter to TEARS for vaccination and sterilisation. At that time, we strongly urged the owner to separate the litter as they would begin to fight with each other, a symptom of Littermate Syndrome in dogs. Sadly, the owner did not heed our warning and Mushu, the smallest of the litter, became a target for his sibling’s hard playing and lack of socialisation with other dogs.

When Mushu arrived, he was taken to the TEARS Veterinary Hospital and assessed by the TEARS Veterinary Team. His wounds were the result of repeated attacks by his littermates for days or weeks on end. His entire body had wounds of different ages but the worst of the wounds were on his front legs. Unquestionably, Mushu had been left without veterinary treatment for weeks.

The veterinary team were utterly horrified at the extent of the injuries and began treatment in an effort to help this poor puppy enjoy a life with kindness. Mushu’s wounds were very infected and so before any reconstruction could be done, he needed antibiotics to overcome the deep infection that his small body was fighting.

With bandaging, pain medications, antibiotics, wound care, physio, exercise and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Mushu started to heal and the wounds began to do better.

He does have scaring on his legs but he’s a very special little sweetheart who bears no ill will towards other dogs. In fact, Mushu loves other dogs! He enjoys outings to the beach and exploring. Mushu will remain a small pitbull, not only due to being the smallest of his litter but also because his growth was stunted due to his body fighting to heal.

Without the veterinary intervention at the TEARS Veterinary Hospital, Mushu would have certainly perished – likely due to blood poisoning from the open, infected wounds. The TEARS Veterinary Hospital and all TEARS Veterinary Outreach Programmes rely 100% on donations like yours. Without the gifts that you are giving cats and dogs, like Mushu, would not have a fighting chance.